Lg g3 lollipop problems

Lg g3 lollipop problems


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Feb 12,  · LG G3 Android Dilemmas. As we mentioned previously, the lockscreen changed entirely and it is lacking features it had prior, which isn’t truly a bug, but a problem Reviews: Feb 20,  · LG G3 high RAM usage and overheating. The LG G3 is also apparently experiencing unusually high RAM usage following Lollipop improvement. This is also adding to much more heating than is typical too. A factory reset has remedied most of the overheating issues I have read ted Reading Time: 4 minutes. Apr 21,  · Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your G3, long press on the product, then tap Forget. Now set the connection up again from scratch. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the gear symbol next to Estimated studying Time: 10 minutes.


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Apr 21,  · Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your own G3, long press in the product, and then touch Forget. Now set the connection up again from scrape. Head to Settings > Bluetooth, faucet kit icon next to Estimated studying Time: 10 minutes. Feb 12,  · LG G3 Android Problems. Once we mentioned above, the lockscreen has changed entirely and it is missing features it had prior, that isn’t truly a bug, but a challenge Reviews: Apr 09,  · LG G3 Android Problems. As we stated earlier, the lockscreen changed entirely and it is lacking functions it had prior, that isn’t actually a bug, but a problem Reviews:
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Hyperlinks on Android Authority may earn us a commission. Find out more. The LG flagship is among the most readily useful high-end smartphones currently available, and it has became very popular , regrettably, does have its reasonable share of issues.

Some people have stated that their smartphone automatically shuts down occasionally. Pressing the ability switch starts the phone up once again, however some have also needed to pull the battery and place it again to resume the unit.

Countless LG G3 users have grievances concerning the device getting uncomfortably warm. This occurs while play processor-intensive games, seeing movies for some time, or having lots of applications operating within the background.

Some users experienced difficulties with lag while navigating round the program, stepping into and out of applications, the present apps menu, and an over-all lag with touch response.

A lot of these concerns are regarding the feature-filled G UI, and there are lots of simple approaches to help deal with this dilemma. The LG G3 packs a 3, mAh battery, but it comes with to power a sizable high-resolution display , therefore plenty of users have experienced issues so far as battery life is concerned.

Many LG G3 people have experienced difficulties with poor vocals quality during phone calls, with grievances of distortion and disturbance. This problem was prevalent only with GSM telephone calls, and not when using apps such as for example Skype, with their also becoming no problems with call clarity when using headphones.

Quite a few LG G3 owners have had difficulties with audio playback. In many cases, users have actually reported about a hissing noise through their particular earphones, specially on the left channel. Others have actually mentioned that while plugging an aux cable into the unit, the device continues to play news through the phone speakers it self.

As the solutions under may work for a few, it is still a tremendously prevalent problem with many people facing it with no fix around the corner. The stock camera app of this LG G3 crashes when trying to zoom while recording video, therefore the recording it self is corrupted and unplayable.

Many people have actually reported in regards to the phone instantly switching on when you look at the pocket, when knock-on is enabled. So these are a few of the typical problems experienced by LG G3 owners. Still need help? Get assistance from the city in our LG G3 forum. Problem 1 — LG G3 shuts down automatically. Possible Solutions — A factory reset can perform the key in solving this dilemma.

First, make certain you back-up all your crucial information. When the factory reset is done, see if the this dilemma goes on, and hold an eye on what applications you install, as a particular app may be the reason for this dilemma. Because the battery is changeable, you can pick up a spare, but the best solution in cases like this is to obtain an upgraded for the unit. Considering that the LG G3 features simply introduced, you need to nevertheless be covered under warranty.

Problem 2 — LG G3 gets uncomfortably hot. To take action, get into Settings — General — Applications and then choose the app and disable car sync.

This dilemma may be associated with possess high-resolution show on for a long time, as well as a high brightness. The LG G3 automatically reduces the brightness if the display gets too hot, nonetheless it is a smart idea to always have the display screen brightness at a lower environment.

Use the measures mentioned below that allow for a lag free knowledge, and therefore should assist with this particular problem too. Problem 3 — Interface slows down or perhaps is laggy. Possible Solutions — You need to access Developer choices to in a position to alter a number of things required. Returning to the main options selection, you should now see Developer options appear. There it’s possible to decrease or entirely turn fully off Windows animation scale, transition cartoon scale, and Animator duration scale.

Power from the device and await 10 moments. Then power it on and wait at the least 30 moments before unlocking it. Repeat the ability don and doff steps, and also this should lead to a completely lag free experience. To correct the touch responsiveness of the display screen, you’re able to go into Settings — Accessibility — touch and hold delay , and adjust it appropriately.

You also have the possibility to test a new, lighter launcher, through the many 3rd party launchers available in the Bing Play Store. Problem 4 — issues with electric battery life. Possible Solutions — The steps mentioned above to end the unit from getting hot, such as modifying the brightness and turning down unnecessary apps operating the backdrop, together with answer to reduce lag, also apply in this case to simply help boost battery pack life.

You may determine if any specific applications would be the culprit. Go to Settings — General — Battery — Battery Use, and if there is certainly a software that stands apart, look at the settings associated with the app as well as making sure that its as much as date. You’ll find a lot of useful recommendations to save battery life here. If you find battery pack draining at an alarming rate, or if nothing works after following most of the steps above, it might be a manufacturing problem, then you definitely should get an upgraded unit.

Problem 5 — bad vocals high quality. Possible Solutions — you are able to get into Settings — Call — Voice improvement and turn it in or off, and check to the begin to see the difference between call quality both in states. In identical menu, you’ll also find Privacy Keeper, that you can turn off, and therefore can help because of the dilemma of distortion and interference. People who’ve complained about that issue have actually mentioned that this may experienced regarding a whole batch of defective devices, and therefore a replacement device worked fine, making sure that could be the simplest way to go if this is certainly significant problem.

Problem 6 — Audio problems. Potential Solutions — As far as the hissing noise through earphones can be involved, this can be a pc software concern which has regarding Android 4. A fix which has had struggled to obtain some people has-been to modify from ART to Dalvik, which you are able to do when you look at the Developer choices. With both the sound issues mentioned, the problem appears to also go away because of the correct pair of headphones or aux cable.

Issue 7 — Camera app crashes when zooming while recording video. Prospective Solutions — Some users have found some success after performing a hard reset. You can certainly do therefore by following the measures stated earlier in the first issue. Or you can decide to try pushing and holding the energy option and also the volume down secret simultaneously until you understand LG logo. Then launch the power switch, and immediately push and hold it again.

Once the Factory tough reset option appears, after that you can choose options and go through with all the reset. This is certainly bug with all the LG camera application that ought to be fixed with the next up-date. Till then, you can look at an authorized camer software, like the Google Camera , which LG G3 owners have had no issues with. Problem 8 — Phone converts on while in the pocket.

Potential Solutions — If you absolutely want to use Knock On, then a short-term means to fix this dilemma is the maintain the show encountered away from the body when its held in your pocket, or you could use a flip cover to keep the display screen concealed.

It is possible to turn off Knock On by opening the concealed Menu, following the measures mentioned in the third issue above. In regards to the author Ankit Banerjee. Ankit has been part of the Android Authority family members for more than five years. In that time he is contributed to most useful lists, report, features, plus much more.

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